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The Best FDM 3D Printers | Stratasys - FDM Technology is Globally Scaling Additive Manufacturing

It all started with an idea. Just over 30 years ago, one man’s goal to find a new way of making things took shape. That idea became FDM 3D printing technology, which continues to transform the way things are made and problems are solved. The truth is, you’ve likely seen, used, or experienced something that FDM technology has touched. For example, Whirlpool and Sub-Zero Group, Inc. household appliances find their genesis with FDM 3D printed prototypes. NASCAR and Joe Gibbs Racing use the technology to improve their cars and reduce the time to put race-winning ideas on the track. The first independently developed supersonic jet that will usher in the next generation of faster-than-sound air travel relies on 3D printed parts and tooling to save time and cost. And the list goes on. When Scott Crump created the first FDM printer in his garage, little did he know the impact it would have. But 35,000 FDM printers later, its descendants are helping make reusable space vehicles that will serve the needs of civil and commercial customers. It’s proof that FDM additive manufacturing can make a difference in virtually any industry. But don’t just take our word for it. Instead, check out the video to see what FDM users say about the technology. It’s changed their businesses – what can it do for yours?